A continent with a troubled past, but on the long slow path to recovery. For the most part, the provinces and the people that live in them are happy, and relations with other nations is mostly smooth.

Life isn’t entirely sunshine and roses, though. Bandits and brigands can be found just about anywhere, strange creatures can roam from hidden nests in swamps or mountain caves, coastal villages must deal with the looming threat of a raid, and goblins and their kin can make life hard for those further north.

To help keep the peace, millennia ago a mercenary guild was founded out of the remains of a kingdom’s army. Formed with a charter that provided checks and balances for their military strength, the mercenary guild “The Order of the Blue Shield” now provides security through force of arms when the town guard aren’t able to. Due to their charter and leaders, the guild is trusted across the continent as a force for good.

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