Several millennia ago, a series of great disasters befell the world. The sources of elemental magic dried up or were closed off. Nobody, not even the goliaths have anything other than vague legends and myths about what happened. During that time, several great civilizations fell or were greatly reduced. The air nomad civilization fell, the capitol of the Ticab Nation was destroyed.

What this means for the players is that some spells don’t work at all, and some are greatly reduced in power or affect.

The Planes

Travel between the planes was once much more available to those with magic. Now, travel to the elemental planes is impossible. The lower planes ( home of fiends and demons ), the ethereal plane, the shadow plane, and the fey wilds is still possible — but requires a huge investment of energy.

Magic Items

Incredibly rare, magical items seem to be much more powerful than anything modern magicians can create. However, due to the lower level of magic in the world today, they take longer to regain their charge. After rolling to see how many charges a magic artifact regains, it only regains half that many ( rounding down ).

Class Changes

Due to the decreased level of magic, casting spells takes much more out of of those who are able to use magic.

  • All spellcasting classes only use half their proficiency bonus ( rounding up ) for spell save DC and spell attack bonus.
  • Sorcerers have one fewer spell slot per level, and do not get 9th level spell slots. They get an 8th level slot at sorcerer level 20.
  • Sorcerers require an additional sorcerery point to activate any ability ( creating a spell slot, distant spell, etc )
  • Sorcerers with the wild magic origin roll at disadvantage to see if wild magic triggers, and the duration of the effects is halfed.
  • Wizards have one fewer spell slot per level. They get a single 6th level slot at wizard level 14, a single 7th level slot at wizard level 16, a single 8th level slot at wizard level 18, and a single 9th level slot at wizard level 20.
  • Warlocks use the regular spell descriptions, but due to their power coming from their patron, they do not do elemental damage. Instead of doing elemental damage ( acid, ice, fire, air/wind, electric, thunder ), warlocks instead do force damage.
  • Warlocks are fairly rare. Due to the decreased amount of magic in the world, otherworldly beings ( fey, fiends, etc ) find the mortal plane very tiring. It takes a lot of energy to cross over, so it is a very rare occurrence. Most warlocks have never met their patrons, only being contacted through dreams.

Spell Changes

If a spell deals with the elements ( fire, water, air, earth, spirit, necromancy ), the following changes take place:

  • damage dice is reduced by 1 ( so d12 -> d10, d10 -> d8, etc. )
  • damage does not increase if a spell is cast in a higher slot


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